A few words about me…

My name is Paweł Krąż. I was born in the historic Polish city of Krakow, which is and has always been my hometown. Despite the approximately 100 kilometer distance, I have always had an intimate connection with the Tatra Mountains. My first trip to the Tatras was at the age of seven with my dad. Already then, I knew that the mountains would be a place where I would want to come back. I began trekking the Tatras via increasingly more difficult trails in order to gain practical experience.

My adventure with the mountains was also linked with a number of my other pursuits. I am a graduate of the Frederic Chopin National School of Music in Krakow, where I earned the degree of professional musician in the piano category. My interest in the mountains was so strong that I decided to abandon my pursuit of music in favor of a career in trekking. I still play music from time to time, but not professionally. I began to study geography at Jagiellonian University, which has helped me learn more about mountains and the physical world in general. I graduated with a master’s degree in geography. Today I am working on a doctoral degree in geography at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management at Jagiellonian University. My current research interests revolve around the natural environment and tend to focus on the Carpathian Mountains (My publications).

Then came the moment when I decided to enroll in a two and a half year program for mountain guides. I graduated from the program by passing a national examination. I am now a member of the Maciej Sieczka Society of Tatra Mountain Guides in Krakow and I will be glad to share my knowledge, experience, and passion for the mountains and nature and culture with you.

I would like to invite you on a private or group expedition to the mountains. The form of the trip can vary from trekking to biking to simply viewing the mountains from a bus window. I serve as a guide both in Poland and Slovakia in the following mountains: Polish Tatras, Slovak Tatras, Polish Pieniny Mts, Slovak Pieniny Mts, Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras), Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise), Chočské vrchy (Choč Mts), Veľká Fatra (Great Fatra), Malá Fatra (Little Fatra). These mountains are also surrounded by interesting piedmont areas with a rich history and ethnographic landscape: Podhale, Orava, Spiš, Liptov.

My license covers the following:

Licensed Tatra Mountain Guide (3rd Class) (PGT/26/14)

  • Official permission to trek Tatra National Park
  • Official permission to trek Pieniny National Park
  • Official permission to trek Ojców National Park

Licensed Tour Guide (PW/260/13)